Poster - The Drunkard

The Drunkard

Through alcohol, we touch the sacred truth about the world and even about God Himself! This revelation enlightens numerous authors who consistently include intoxication as a symbol of supreme knowledge. Here, the story is similar, the confession of a drunkard always begins with a certain amount of alcohol.

The motif of the wandering man is extremely prevalent, but a drunken and wandering person, aimlessly roaming through life, is not a common occurrence. Despite all the hardships and trials that fate has prepared for him, the drunkard does not falter but pours himself another one. His only loyal companion and fellow traveler in hardships and unfavorable situations is a brick “pet dog”, with whom he wanders the dark streets at night.

Alcohol helps the drunkard gain clarity and see the world with clear eyes. Only when his head is spinning, the purest and loftiest of ideas manifest to him. Each glass unlocks new insights about the world and leads to the unique and comedic confession of the drunkard.

A man will drink until his own collapse, wandering aimlessly through the world. A drunkard, seeking the truth that lies precisely in the increase of blood to alcohol ratio. The truth is in alcohol. The truth is in the adventure alcohol brings. The truth begins with a small drink, without which we all wander aimlessly in the night, so let's pour ourselves some! Cheers!

Small StageComing Soon 60 min

The performance is based on real stories of alcohol dependent poeple…

Author: Iliya Videlinov
Director: Iliya Videlinov