Poster - Shoshana


The beginning of World War II. A house somewhere in the province of Nazi-occupied France. A car of the SS approaches from outside. This is the start of the play "Shoshana." It will be a moment that changes everything, especially for a girl named Shoshana. She loses her entire family. She is the sole survivor.

Four years after the massacre of her loved ones, she is given a chance to seek revenge for them. But at that very moment, Shoshana falls in love with a German soldier and is faced with a choice - whether to stay with her love or to avenge her family, as that revenge involves the death of her beloved. Circumstances force her - the victim of a horrifying regime - to make an ultimate choice. Yet, this choice might turn the victim into a perpetrator, forcing her to kill her own love.

Shoshana's story presents her with choices that everyone experiences in their life - can we escape when we want to? Can laughter also bring tears, can suffering be healed with love? Shoshana's choice may help us find answers to these questions.

Main StageComing Soon 90 min