Poster - The Singing Sparrow

The Singing Sparrow

The main character in the performance is Garzhetо, who decides that at any cost, he must become the best singer in the forest, even if he lacks talent. He even wins a music competition and receives a grand prize - a necklace made of shiny bottle caps.

Thus, with a touch of irony and ridicule of television talent shows, the play highlights the theme of excessive ambition and deceptive success.

The performance also includes an educational element.

It introduces young viewers to the sol key, the clef, and musical notes.

On the stage, the notes transform into birds, the trumpets become trees, and two sol keys form a butterfly.

Children StageComing Soon 45 min

The performance is oriented towards both children and their parents, who are inclined to think "My little angel is the best."

Author: Svetoslav Minkov
Director: Sybi Sybev
Scenographer: Pavlina Vasileva
Composer /music/: Georgy Garchov