Poster - Colorful Magic

Colorful Magic

The eco play "Colorful Magic" is dedicated to the harmony in nature and human relationships. It's not a text with direct didactics but a playful provocation for young children to preserve the colors in nature, within themselves, and the environment. It doesn't require tremendous efforts; it simply requires love for "our nest" - Earth. The hopes of the creative team, who will bring the performance to life, are that when you provoke the vulnerability of "Human Beings"... - "the little humans," they themselves will ask the grown-ups to protect and enrich what we all have - our planet. When we create educated future individuals, they will continue their lives and the life of the planet in harmony. And it's no coincidence that the motto of the play is as follows:

"Nature sings a vibrant tune, capturing our hearts, a harmony in bloom. What could be more delightful, what could be more true! To cherish it is so effortless to do. With love, we painted this beautiful scene. Living in a garden, oh how serene!"

Children StageComing Soon 45 min

The play has received the first prize for educational text in the competition for new Bulgarian drama held during the National Puppet Theater Festival - "Mikhail Lukatnik" - Yambol 2011. This will be its first public performance. It has been highly praised by international specialists from Russia, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Germany.

Author: Rumen Nikolov
Director: Tanya Evtimova
Scenographer: Atanas Evtimov