Poster - Burundanga


Can You Handle So Many Surprises?

A girl studying in Barcelona, finds herself in a dire situation. She discovers that she is pregnant.

But there's a problem - she doesn't know whether to keep the baby or not because she's unsure if the boy she got pregnant from truly loves her. Her roommate comes to the rescue - she suggests Burundanga.

But what is Burundanga?

Come and find out for yourself!

Small StageComing Soon 85 min

The author of the play says that what saves us is love. Obvious things. And it's even more obvious that love doesn't want you to know the secrets, just to believe in the other…

Author: Jordi Galceran
Director: Blagoy Boychev
Scenographer: Vanina Tsandova
Composer /music/: Dobromir Kisiyov